A warm welcome, one and all!

Hello and welcome to The Assertive Chronicles. As the main writer of the website, I would like to introduce myself: I am Rohan, a fourteen year old political enthusiast,who has a fine grip on current affairs and enjoys writing on most issues under the sun . I’m an aspiring lawyer, a voracious reader and a confident speaker. While I am similar to most people my age in many regards, there will be some things that you may find unique about me as you continue to read my blogs.

A lot of the ways of the world that we live in confuse, amaze, and perplex me. And it is this confusion that inspires me to write, share and communicate my thoughts to all those who are willing to read. Throughout the blogs, I will do my best to understand all points of view just as well as mine and critically analyse all of them and come to a justified conclusion (especially with controversial topics, political issues, news matters, etc). When it comes to more light-hearted, entertaining topics, you will see a far more easy going and relaxed writer in me which is always nice to see after some fierce controversy!

So, the blogs that will come will be of no particular genre and will be covering topics of wide range.

As the writer, it is my responsibility to tell you, the reader, that all blogs present on the website are only my opinions. I should also mention that inoffensive, non-discriminatory counter views are encouraged and more than welcome on the website.

The Assertive Chronicles